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statecraft / искусство управлять государством
имя существительное
искусство управлять государством
statecraft, statesmanship
имя существительное
the skillful management of state affairs; statesmanship.
issues of statecraft require great deliberation
Should we care about them any less, because of a quirk of geography and statecraft ?
issues of statecraft require great deliberation
The most difficult task of our statecraft is to strike the right balance among these imperatives and arrive at the policy mix that best advances an entire set of our values and interests.
But it's also a history play, and crams in all the issues of statecraft , politics, and morality that obsessed the Elizabethans.
His considerable exertions notwithstanding, truth in matters of statecraft remains implacably gray.
A strategy of disengagement would require bold, risk-taking statecraft of a high order, and much diplomatic competence in its execution.
The political history of ancient or medieval India and the conventions of statecraft unearthed by that history have influenced Indians even less.
Instead, they have replaced statecraft with stagecraft, substance with style, and not a very fashionable style at that.
Economic statecraft , whereby nations use trade, loans, grants and investment to influence the action of other states, is now becoming more important.
What then is distinctive about it is that it is best understood as an extended phase of peacemaking, and possesses many of the characteristics of that genre of statecraft .