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stash / копить, прятать, припрятывать
save, stash, hoard, save up, lay up, amass
hide, conceal, bury, secrete, stow away, stash
hide, stash, stash away, lay up
имя существительное
cache, stash, drop, crypt, hide, recess
den, stash, shebang, haunt, dive, joint
raspberry, razz, fence, stash
имя существительное
a secret store of something.
the man grudgingly handed over a stash of notes
a hiding place or hideout.
Susan Sontag went to see Philip Johnson, the New York architect, or rather she ‘moseyed along to his stash on Park’.
a mustache.
That big fink with the stash will always cop.
store (something) safely and secretly in a specified place.
their wealth had been stashed away in Swiss banks
the man grudgingly handed over a stash of notes
The two undercover Chinese-speaking agents were posing as drug buyers, while the target Chinese person was supposed to have a large stash of heroin imported from Thailand.
the man grudgingly handed over a stash of notes
In my initial statement to the police I had admitted to handing the keys of the flat over to someone to use as a drug stash .
This is where I got most of my drug stash ; they were just giving it away as if it were candy.
And I was just thinking that homelessness wasn't so bad when I came across an old man sleeping against a stash of plastic bags stuffed with refuse.
Jason points to the stash of drugs and watches as John throws down a bundle of notes.
Billed as a true story (which it isn't), this Coen brothers masterpiece set in motion a wild-goose chase for a stash of cash buried near a highway in North Dakota.
Earlier, an auxiliary nurse was sacked for allegedly stealing class C drugs after a stash was discovered at a house in Trafford which was traced back to Trafford Healthcare Trust.
one prisoner tried to swallow his stash