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starve / голодать, морить голодом, морить
starve, fast, hunger, famish, clem
морить голодом
starve, clem, famish
starve, exterminate, imbue, fume
(of a person or animal) suffer severely or die from hunger.
she left her animals to starve
be freezing cold.
pull down that window for we are perfectly starving here
German U-boats hoping to starve Britain into submission
Sure, you deal crack on the side, you beat your wife, you starve your kids, but you're straight and you go to church, so we're here to save you.
Then we have the so called pet lovers who starve the family pet dog till his skeletal bone structure protrudes through its limp flesh.
But we could starve the beast to death by ceasing to provide its main source of food: our money.
If it is wrong to whip a dog or starve a horse or bait bears for sport or grossly abuse farm animals, it is wrong for all people in every place.
Since you, his loving owner, have the power to either feed or starve your pet, your dog looks to you as its only supplier of food.
The primary objective of this campaign is to starve terrorists of essential funding and technical support…
she left her animals to starve
It sounds, through the distribution of land and the distribution of food, like the government is trying to hold on to control and starve its enemies into submission.
German U-boats hoping to starve Britain into submission