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startle / испуг
имя существительное
fright, consternation, funk, dismay, startle, jitters
startle, give a fright
shudder, start, wince, shiver, startle, jump
cause (a person or animal) to feel sudden shock or alarm.
a sudden sound in the doorway startled her
It was feared the turbine could startle horses and riders and frighten livestock, and set a precedent for mobile phone company masts to be put up.
As always I approached silently, hoping to startle them with a sudden intrusion.
It's a scary movie that doesn't so much try to scare you as it tries to startle you.
A sharp tap on the ground in front of the dog's legs startles him without scaring him.
Darin has been staring into space, so Jason's sudden yelling startles him.
James was startled by the sudden intrusion and quickly stood up by the foot of the bed.
This week he has been growling along to the following selection of diverse audio startlers .
All of a sudden a noise startled the horse.
The slow movement had just begun when the audience was startled by the slamming of the Assembly Hall door.
While some problems are the usual run of the mill situations, the job does throw up some startlers to keep the brain ticking.