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starry-eyed / мечтательный, не от мира сего
имя прилагательное
dreamy, visionary, moony, fanciful, faraway, starry-eyed
не от мира сего
not of this world, unworldly, otherworldly, supermundane, starry-eyed
имя прилагательное
naively enthusiastic or idealistic; failing to recognize the practical realities of a situation.
It may be a starry-eyed American leftist's idealization of Canada, or it may just be true.
Yet this may require a down-to-earth approach deeply disappointing to starry-eyed technological enthusiasts.
Couples who began their dating relationships starry-eyed and dreamy all too often end them red-eyed and dismayed.
And these two starry-eyed lovers can't wait to get hitched.
It is true, however, that relationships between cads and starry-eyed romantics are rarely what they seem.
But, these were painters of fantasy, merely starry-eyed utopians unfit to be assigned any place in the Republic of Plato.
Focusing on something larger is not necessarily a starry-eyed idealism.
Hers is a role that calls for a certain maturity, not starry-eyed romantic innocence, and she does well with what she has to work with.
That doesn't mean we're left with a starry-eyed romanticism.
I was generally a starry-eyed romantic teen rather than a lusty one.
Moreover, as Clinton apologists always maintained, it does not have to collapse into starry-eyed unrealism.