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starry / звездный, лучистый, яркий
имя прилагательное
star, starry, stellar, sidereal, starlit, astral
radiant, starry, radiate, radial, lambent
bright, vivid, colorful, shining, flamboyant, starry
имя прилагательное
full of or lit by stars.
a starry sky
The starry pink and white flowers of Daphne x burkwoodii in spring are so small it's hard to believe they can release such a huge scent.
Its leaves are a deep glossy-green and it bears fragrant, starry , white flowers that are frequented by butterflies.
Sarah stared out the window watching the sky fade from a multitude of color to a black starry night.
Then you wait for a few moments, silently marvelling at the beautiful starry night and the almost magical stillness.
He was running across a field that bore only the most luminous, starry flowers in existence.
This time, instead of a colorful sunset, it's a starry night sky.
Countryside campaigners have launched a campaign to save North and East Yorkshire's starry night sky.
Allium aflatunense (native to Iran) has dense spherical umbels of starry lilac-purple flowers (the puffball effect) on stems two to three feet tall.
Indeed, aster, the Latin word for star, aptly describes the starry flower heads.
We passed through channels edged by emerald mountains and snowcapped volcanoes; the starry night skies were unsurpassable.