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starlight / свет звезд
имя существительное
свет звезд
имя прилагательное
star, starry, stellar, sidereal, starlit, starlight
имя существительное
the light that comes from the stars.
The light in the image comes from starlight from the central star reflected by dust particles.
Sharks have excellent eyesight that is particularly good at detecting movement in low-light conditions such as starlight .
You would have to produce a master's certificate and prove you could navigate by starlight before they would let you loose around the coast.
The sky was bright with moonlight, with starlight , with the red tint of blazes, and with the black smudge of smoke.
The absorption nebula contains dust that scatters starlight and hides stars from our view.
The tower's rough surface is illuminated by starlight and is silhouetted against the background glow of more distant gas.
The dust would redden their outgoing starlight , thereby making them look like an older stellar population.
When starlight is split into a spectrum, dark lines indicate chemicals in the star's atmosphere.
They were amazed at the bright twinkling pattern of starlight as it shone through the window.
his face looked pale in the starlight
That kind of interaction helps probe the structure of objects between the source of starlight and observers on Earth.