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stargazer / звездочет, астролог, астроном
имя существительное
astrologer, stargazer
astrologer, stargazer
astronomer, stargazer
имя существительное
an astronomer or astrologer.
The telescopes will be available to the public on the first Friday of every month to give fledgling stargazers an insight into astronomy.
a fish of warm seas that normally lies buried in the sand with only its eyes, which are on top of the head, protruding.
Dactyloscopids derive their common name, sand stargazers , from their eyes, which protrude from the tops of their heads, sometimes on stalks.
My teacher could not have understood it, for he was merely a stargazer and not a man of the art of languages.
A similar species is the stargazer , which has two venomous spines, one each side behind the gill covers.
We were rewarded with a stargazer , motionless on the bottom, waiting for its prey.
The young stargazer 's actions have been greeted with glee by Southampton astronomers who have long been campaigning for a clear night sky.
An ugly stargazer assumes its customary position half-buried in the sand
Dream chaser, stargazer , that's what I am and I've always known I'd come back home when I found my journey's end.
A closely related Mediterranean fish, with similar characteristics and uses, is Uranoscopus scaber, the stargazer , so called because its eyes look upwards even more markedly than those of the weevers.
Take 43-year-old Linda Ransome - by day she is an IT consultant, but by night she can still be found stargazing .
Hitler had lost some of his faith in stargazers after his deputy had used astrological charts to plan a flight to Britain that ended with him being incarcerated.
Hundreds of Sheffield stargazers rose with the larks yesterday to become some of the first in the city to see the planet passing between the Earth and the sun.