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stare / пялиться, поглазеть, глазеть
stare, gaze, fix one's eyes on
stare, take a look at
stare, gape, gawp, rubberneck, yawp, rubber
имя существительное
пристальный взгляд
gaze, stare, intent look, steadfast gaze
изумленный взгляд
goggle, stare, gape
имя существительное
a long fixed or vacant look.
she gave him a cold stare
look fixedly or vacantly at someone or something with one's eyes wide open.
he stared at her in amazement
His eyes stare dully from a pinched little face etched with pain and suffering.
Jim returned an icy stare , then looked away, towards the judge who was just now coming in.
I position his little baby rocker beside the window, and he'll sit and stare quietly at the trees and sky.
He had adopted a vacant stare and purposely looked straight ahead as the woman spoke.
She looked into his eyes and tried to meet his cold stare with one of her own.
He finally turned his gaze to her, his glare seeming to stare straight into her soul.
He returned his cold stare to the carefree couple below and fantasized about his victory.
William Golding once wrote that you know you're a writer when you sit and stare at a page until your forehead bleeds.
she gave him a cold stare
Jerry gave a cold stare to the examiner, one of the High Councilors of the Society.