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stardust / звездная пыль, романтика
имя существительное
звездная пыль
romance, stardust
имя существительное
(especially in the context of success in the world of entertainment or sports) a magical or charismatic quality or feeling.
a gang of Hollywood stars anointing us with sparkling stardust
Can makeovers, borrowed ideas and a sprinkling of stardust make Howard a winner, or will Boris Johnson become the party's Schwarzenegger?
He coaches on the show and will soon be sprinkling some stardust on her debut album.
Adding a dash of stardust will be Bollywood actresses Urmila Matondkar and Amisha Patel.
Despite the glitz, Esther's life wasn't all stardust .
The comedy circuit on the Fringe has been a trading floor, with television and radio producers buying talent and sprinkling stardust over performers.
he slipped past four defenders as though stardust had been sprinkled in his boots
An experienced financial journalist, Jamieson also hopes to contribute some of his stardust to the Scottish Policies Institute, the right-wing think tank set up by the Barclay brothers and sidekick Andrew Neil.
He might have never made it to superstardom in Bollywood, but this has not stopped him from chasing glittering stardust dreams elsewhere.
It is the lure of celebrity, the dazzle of stardust , the yearning for intimacy with the famous that are the most powerful commercial forces in the world today.
On television, senior Labour figures - including John Prescott, the party's deputy leader - were giddy with excitement about this sprinkling of showbiz stardust .