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star-studded / звездный
имя прилагательное
(of the night sky) filled with stars.
Streamers of wispy cloud trundled elegantly past the window as if they were clearing the screen so that our eyes could feast on our very own slice of clear star-studded sky.
featuring a number of famous people, especially actors or sports players.
a star-studded cast
With a stage set which switched from an ocean liner to a city skyline to a star-studded night and costume changes galore, this was a pure pop show right from the start.
She sighed and lay back, staring up at the black, star-studded sky.
There were after-dinner drinks round the campfire in the Okavango, under a star-studded sky.
Another panther cried out in response to the first, and it echoed through the forest, sending birds winging into the star-studded sky.
Showbiz Tonight sits down with some of the stars of that star-studded cast.
Samantha Mumba jetted home to Dublin last night for the star-studded premiere of her first movie The Time Machine.
Indeed, it was a star-studded gala event filled with laughs, tears, tickles, and fears.
Thursday night saw a star-studded premiere of a different kind on the small screen.
For hours they danced, past the setting of the sun and long into the star-studded night.
Country star Tim McGraw is headlining tomorrow's star-studded concert for hurricane relief.