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star / играть главные роли, быть звездой, украшать звездами
играть главные роли
быть звездой
украшать звездами
имя существительное
star, wye, spider, top-liner
star, asterisk, sprocket, starlet, sprocket-wheel
light, luminary, star, lamp
имя прилагательное
star, starry, stellar, sidereal, starlit, astral
outstanding, prominent, eminent, distinguished, remarkable, star
great, sumptuous, gorgeous, magnificent, excellent, star
имя существительное
a fixed luminous point in the night sky that is a large, remote incandescent body like the sun.
This new heat supply causes the outer layers of the star to expand and cool, and the star becomes a red giant, or a red supergiant if it is very massive.
a conventional or stylized representation of a star, typically one having five or more points.
the walls were painted with silver moons and stars
a famous or exceptionally talented performer in the world of entertainment or sports.
a pop star
a planet, constellation, or configuration regarded as influencing someone's fortunes or personality.
his golf destiny was written in the stars
(of a movie, play, or other show) have (someone) as a principal performer.
a film starring Liza Minnelli
decorate or cover with star-shaped marks or objects.
thick grass starred with flowers
Pop star Anastacia is another famous name struggling with a disease that women face daily.
One had an unusual white star on its forehead; the other had a white splotch on its neck.
The star ratings, launched this year by the Department of Health, cover all councils in England with social services responsibilities.
Most neutron stars are created when a large star dies as a supernova.
Plus in the Democratic race, Bill Bradley gets a political assist from the biggest star in professional sports.
The dancers place the pots on their heads above festive symbols such as the star , sun, lotus, swastika etc.
Simon Cowell is the music mogul who has become a bigger star than the pop idols he helped create.
then press star
A tanker transformed into a luxury motor home by a North Yorkshire man was the star attraction at the Vintage Working Weekend at Hornby Castle near Bedale.
She was a black mare, with a white around her hooves and a white star on her forehead.