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stapler / стэплер, торговец шерстью, сортировщик шерсти
имя существительное
торговец шерстью
сортировщик шерсти
имя существительное
a device for fastening together sheets of paper with a staple or staples.
They also took paper, pens, pencils, staplers , white paper and a box cutter.
But Gareth is unimpressed that official office equipment has been abused - particularly his beloved stapler .
Overlap the short edges of each component and with a regular paper stapler join the edges together.
She stuck a sheaf of paper into her stapler and punched down much harder than was necessary.
To that end, never place a sleeve on top of a pad of paper, pen or stapler , as Brown has seen even his staff do.
Your stapler and paper clip container stay wherever you put them.
She glanced quickly at the supplies: rubber bands, legal pads, a box or pens and pencils, a stapler and staples and a single file folder.
With the edges aligned, the stapler is then used to fasten everything together at the top left corner.
One is littered with papers, books, CDs, a phone, a stapler , several pens, a box of business cards, etc.
I had to admit, the desktop looked so neat and clean, with the pencils and pens in a mug, the stapler and desk calendar arranged just so.
This usually means finding out who has brought the string, gum and staplers to enable us to hang up our posters, then fortifying ourselves with a last-minute pint.