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staple / штапель, скрепка, скоба
имя существительное
clip, staple, clinch
clamp, clip, brace, shackle, staple, strap
имя прилагательное
main, basic, base, primary, key, staple
main, major, chief, principal, primary, staple
fasten, bind, brace, staple, bond, attach
select, take away, choose, pick, cull, staple
имя существительное
a piece of bent metal or wire pushed through something or clipped over it as a fastening, in particular.
a main or important element of something, especially of a diet.
bread, milk, and other staples
the fiber of cotton or wool considered with regard to its length and degree of fineness.
jackets made from long-staple Egyptian cotton
a center of trade, especially in a specified commodity.
proposals were made for a wool staple at Pisa
attach or secure with a staple or staples.
Mark stapled a batch of papers together
sort or classify (wool, etc.) according to fiber.
Environmentally friendly sheep's wool is stapled into the lateral groove for insulation.
имя прилагательное
main or important, especially in terms of consumption.
the staple foods of the poor
An avid newspaper man, his daily Irish Independent is part of his staple diet and he likes nothing better than to discuss the latest political situation.
He said that the ration used to consist of a number of staple foods, including rice, cooking oil, milk, and instant noodles.
Coffee still seems to be the main staple with a small sandwich or salad on the side.
The storyline behind Infestation depicts the routine sci-fi staple of aliens at war with mankind.
In some countries they are a staple like beans or potatoes, but in this country, we most frequently come across them in their disguised form in a bowl of hummus.
What was once ‘junk food’ is fast becoming the staple diet of many of the young.
Its clouds of white lace cap flowers in summer and its purple foliage with drooping clusters of berries in autumn make it a winter garden staple .
Many of their staple food essentials were not even available in the Australian market until they grew imported seedlings in their own back gardens.
The dead leaves sustain earthworms, small insects and other smaller life forms - which are the staple food for ground feeding birds.
Bread, an important staple , is often purchased rather than home baked.