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standstill / остановка, застой, бездействие
имя существительное
stop, stopping, halt, stoppage, standstill, pause
stagnation, congestion, stasis, standstill, deadlock, stagnancy
inaction, inactivity, standstill, idleness, inertia, hibernation
имя существительное
a situation or condition in which there is no movement or activity at all.
the traffic came to a standstill
During the war years much of the normal mathematical research activity at MIT came to a standstill .
For the economy not to slow to a near standstill next year will require further cuts in interest rates by the MPC.
While we conversed, the whole of Broadheath was brought to a standstill .
The Great London Smog blanketed the capital and brought it to a standstill in December 1952.
He said there was pushing and shoving like a wheel slide as the train came to a standstill , and the brakes kicked into action.
A crash in Newport Street brought parts of Old Town to a standstill yesterday lunchtime.
On match day traffic will come to a standstill in a four-mile jam on the road as supporters travel to Old Trafford.
If the world ever went online, the Internet would be overwhelmed and come to a standstill .
Mr Perham said traffic would come to a standstill as The Last Post was played in memory of the diggers.
That a relatively short-lived downpour can cause a city to come to a standstill is a tragedy.