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standpipe / напорная труба
имя существительное
напорная труба
standpipe, delivery pipe
имя существительное
a vertical pipe extending from a water supply, especially one connecting a temporary tap to the main.
Similarly, use of existing fire department standpipes and water supplies will be allowed.
Additional standpipe feeds for the water sprinkler system were installed.
Every week, Christopher washes his clothes and collects drinking water at a standpipe in Beetham Gardens.
The episode that audiences will see at the festival focuses on rural Caribbean life - specifically the women who carry water from the standpipe back to their homes.
If water came from a standpipe , consumption would be less than half that so the cost in turn would be halved.
Then the air expands, forcing water up the standpipe , and into the elevated tank.
Family members and friends tried to put out the fire by attaching a hose to a nearby standpipe , but this did little to stop the blaze.
The drain standpipe should always be taller than your highest water level in the machine to add protection from back-up water and siphoning.
To hit home just how tough things were in the days before modern plumbing, visitors will be able to lift two gallon buckets of water, which is what people carried from the standpipe to their homes.
The iron standpipe supplied residents of Rawcliffe with drinking water before the handful of cottages tapped into the mains.
The system enables individuals to use their own pre-paid cards to get water from a communal standpipe .