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standout / что-либо замечательное
имя существительное
что-либо замечательное
crack, standout
имя существительное
a person or thing of exceptional ability or high quality.
standouts include the homemade ravioli and the pizzas
имя прилагательное
exceptionally good.
he became a standout quarterback in the NFL
He probably won't be needed in the return game any longer with the drafting of standout Darrent Williams.
One driver Ganassi will offer an opportunity to is ASA standout Reed Sorensen.
Chef and proprietor of Fresco, Kelowna's standout restaurant, Butters should know.
Braum points to his company's milk as another standout product offering in the Braum's store lineup.
The whole area has a vibrant feel and the food is good bistro-style with some standout specials.
Rounding out Madrid and the Avalanche's six aces are standout defenders Roberto Carlos and Rob Blake.
There are a couple of standout tracks on this album - the first two specifically.
Bishop said that this bars any team with just one standout pitcher from garnering an unfair advantage over other clubs in the league.
Three new standout players were added to the roster this season.
There are several standout performances in The Cat's Meow coming from Izzard, Herrmann and Dunst.