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standardize / стандартизировать, калибровать
standardize, normalize
calibrate, gauge, size, gage, standardize, graduate
cause (something) to conform to a standard.
the editors failed to standardize the spelling of geographic names
Centralization allows us to manage our global knowledge base efficiently, to identify and disseminate best practices, and to standardize our business processes.
we could standardize on U.S. equipment
The tendency to define and standardize product quality lay at the heart of the commodification process.
we could standardize on US equipment
the editors failed to standardize the spelling of geographic names
Highly purified lauric acid was used to standardize the temperature and quantitative heat determinations.
A group of 20 golf courses in the eastern region feel they are paying too many other taxes as it is, and are discussing methods to standardize the taxes in a more equitable manner.
He said the bill will standardize the reporting procedures for hospitals across Ontario.
This approach would also standardize rules and equalize access.
As part of an effort to standardize personnel practices, a year or so ago they revised our department numbers.