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standard / стандарт, норма, эталон
имя существительное
standard, norm
norm, rate, rule, standard, mark, task
reference, standard, model, gauge, gage
standard, norm
banner, flag, standard, ensign, colors, pennant
имя прилагательное
standard, conventional, normal, stereotype, stereo, imperial
standard, exemplary, typal
normal, standard, regular, sane, ordinary, natural
normative, standard, prescriptive
common, conventional, accepted, standard, general, received
имя прилагательное
used or accepted as normal or average.
the standard rate of income tax
(of a tree or shrub) growing on an erect stem of full height.
Pears can be grown as standard trees or as fan-trained specimens against a sunny wall.
имя существительное
a level of quality or attainment.
their restaurant offers a high standard of service
an idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations.
the wages are low by today's standards
an object that is supported in an upright position, in particular.
a tune or song of established popularity.
A lot of songs go country-western; others take on the form of jazz standards and bossa nova pop.
They are attempting to maintain a standard of safety by eliminating any potential dangers that cause people harm.
He followed that with Oracle of Geomancy and Terrestrial Astrology which has become the standard work on Western divinatory geomancy.
Also included are new collections of art and design work published in standard sizes.
The two standard languages are Tahitian and French, but many islanders have at least some English.
ASCII is the standard language of Internet e-mail and newsgroup text, among other things.
A standard apple tree usually takes two years to start fruiting and four years to reach full production.
That is standard practice from what I've seen and done so far.
If space in your yard is at a premium, the bushes can be trained to a standard form that can be tucked into virtually any garden area.
In 1888 a standard work, Argentine Ornithology, of which Hudson was part-author, appeared.
She rightly says that being at ease in standard English is essential if you wish to communicate widely and easily with others.