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stand-in / благоприятное положение, дублер, замена
имя существительное
благоприятное положение
advantage, odds-on, stand-in
understudy, backup, double, alternate, stand-in
replacement, exchange, change, substitution, substitute, stand-in
substitution, replacement, stand-in
имя существительное
a person who stands in for another, especially in a performance; a substitute.
his stand-in does all the dancing sequences
They were knocked out of the Cup after having a stand-in keeper for the second half following an injury.
He walked out of casualty and got to the studio a few seconds after a stand-in had started the show.
a stand-in goalkeeper
The situation worsened when at the start of the second half the keeper refused to play and had to be replaced with a stand-in goalie.
She has a stand-in for the singing.
A drama teacher is hoping her pregnancy will not turn out to be a crisis for her acting group and is seeking a stand-in .
his stand-in does all the dancing sequences
As stand-in captain, he handled a very difficult situation with characteristic professionalism.
He was chipping cheeky penalties past a stand-in goalkeeper.
However, his replacement proved more than an adequate stand-in as he took the man of the match award.