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stand / стенд, подставка, стойка
имя существительное
stand, stand-up
stand, rack, pedestal, support, coaster, rest
rack, stand, counter, bar, pillar, strut
stand, hold, sit
имя существительное
an attitude toward a particular issue; a position taken in an argument.
the party's tough stand on welfare
a place where, or an object on which, someone or something stands, sits, or rests, in particular.
a cessation from motion or progress.
the train drew to a stand by the signal box
a group of growing plants of a specified kind, especially trees.
a stand of poplars
have or maintain an upright position, supported by one's feet.
Lionel stood in the doorway
(of an object, building, or settlement) be situated in a particular place or position.
the town stood on a hill
be in a specified state or condition.
since mother's death, the house had stood empty
withstand (an experience or test) without being damaged.
small boats that could stand the punishment of heavy seas
be a candidate in an election.
he stood for Parliament in 1968
He had lost both legs in a final stand against a combined force of Cuban and Angolan troops.
A metal stand supports his B-flat bass instrument so he can play while in his wheelchair.
You can love someone from the depths of your heart and still not be able to stand living in the same house as them when they were behaving so irrationally.
At present you have to be at least 18 to vote and 21 to stand as a candidate.
I stood under the bus stand , waiting for the quarter past six bus to the student flats.
he could stand to lose a little weight
We were sat in the very highest echelons of the main stand , with fans of both sides around us, and the camaraderie and mutual respect in evidence was fantastic.
The witness came to the stand and the bailiff once again came around with the Bible.
We stand firmly in support of integration and the unity of all working people.
this was not the moment to make a stand for independence