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stampede / паническое бегство, бегство, стихийное массовое движение
имя существительное
паническое бегство
stampede, debacle
escape, flight, getaway, stampede, evasion, bolt
стихийное массовое движение
обращаться в паническое бегство
обращать в паническое бегство
имя существительное
a sudden panicked rush of a number of horses, cattle, or other animals.
What sounded like a stampede of wild rhinoceroses roused her from her sleep.
(of horses, cattle, or other animals) rush wildly in a sudden mass panic.
the nearby sheep stampeded as if they sensed impending danger
So you need to buy it right away and avoid the stampede of enthused blog readers who will undoubtedly rush to order the book now!
In a climate of fad diets and food fears, the soy market has thrived on the stampede away from animal foods - in this case, real milk and real meat.
The final bell rang and everyone rushed out the door like a wild stampede of animals.
Jonine ducked behind me, her chin bumping into my shoulder as a sudden stampede of underclassmen came pushing past from the other direction.
At the end of the three-week shoot, the entire village was to be destroyed in a cattle stampede and explosion.
I think the correct description is that a lot of the financial analysts are essentially herd animals, and they follow the stampede in whichever direction it's going.
Teri Hatcher has reportedly been caught up in a terrifying elephant stampede .
This year, over-exuberant noise caused the animals to stampede , and several onlookers were seriously injured, including Nobatule's husband.
Property developers are rushing to release high-end flats in the wake of the stampede for units at Henderson Land Development's Grand Promenade project.
He then saw a stampede of wild cattle, set loose from the docks in the pandemonium, and began shooting at them - but was unable to kill them all before a man was gored to death.