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stammer / заикание, бормотание
имя существительное
stuttering, stammering, stutter, stammer, titubation, impediment
muttering, mumbling, murmuring, mutter, mumble, stammer
stutter, stammer, bumble
stammer, stumble, falter, stutter, hesitate, hem
speak with sudden involuntary pauses and a tendency to repeat the initial letters of words.
Michael O'Shea, who is over the McGuire Programme's Waterford support group, said the programme provided help and support to people with this speech problem by teaching them a technique that enables them to speak without stammering .
имя существительное
a tendency to stammer.
as a young man, he had a dreadful stammer
Birkin, a Londoner who has survived the Great War but is left with a stammer , a nervous twitch, and vivid nightmares, is given the summer job of uncovering a mediaeval wall-painting in the church of a small Yorkshire village.
‘When I was in my teens, I had a terrible stammer ,’ he says.
The courses were held in the town for four days, and Gareth, pictured right, who conquered a severe stammer and recently became a speech therapist, gave his first lessons teaching some of the 100 students who attended the course.
They highlighted the fact that many famous people with a stammer , including Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe, managed to overcome their speech defect.
We, a young couple, novices in bringing up children, had gifted a stammer to our eldest-born.
as a young man, he had a dreadful stammer
She sensed the stammer in my voice and hugged me tightly.
By the way - who, today, would hire a lecturer with a stammer ?
Carter first learned to trade with his fists when he was a 10-year-old who suffered from a severe stammer and refused to be ridiculed.
It was a known secret that when Helen lied she had a tendency to stammer .