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stamina / выносливость, стойкость, выдержка
имя существительное
endurance, stamina, staying power, hardiness, durability, persistence
durability, persistence, stamina, endurance, fortitude, perseverance
excerpt, exposure, extract, delay, aging, stamina
имя существительное
the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.
their secret is stamina rather than speed
имя существительное
the male fertilizing organ of a flower, typically consisting of a pollen-containing anther and a filament.
Artificial pollination was effected by brushing the recipient flower stigmas with stamens from the pollen donors.
Her workshop is designed to improve vocal stamina and the clarity of speech rather than get rid of our accent.
It's only when you're doing it that you realise waiting takes stamina , strength and a strong will.
The murmurs against Bruno's physical and mental stamina had already begun.
He says that he has lost a bit of energy and stamina , but considers himself lucky that the treatment seems to be working.
their secret is stamina rather than speed
He stated that he had great determination and stamina and felt he would be safer at home than in hospital.
If they have to wait much longer they will be fighting in conditions which will sap their strength and stamina .
My stamina is getting stronger, my determination more focused and my energy levels are increasing.
Each session includes a warm up followed by timed jogs and runs to boost stamina and endurance levels.
The rally will be a real test of endurance, stamina and navigational skills.