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stall / стойло, киоск, ларек
имя существительное
stall, stable, box, bay, crib
kiosk, booth, stall, stand, newsstand, loge
stall, stand, loge
stall, go deaf, grow deaf
ставить в стойло
делать стойло в конюшне
имя существительное
a stand, booth, or compartment for the sale of goods in a market or large covered area.
fruit and vegetable stalls
an individual compartment for an animal in a stable or barn, enclosed on three sides.
This configuration recalls the form of traditional livestock barns with a center walkway and animal stalls to each side.
a fixed seat in the choir or chancel of a church, more or less enclosed at the back and sides and often canopied, typically reserved for a particular member of the clergy.
There were so many choir wannabes that they filled the choir platform, the stalls and the circle seats - and outnumbered the audience confined to the upper galleries.
the seats on the ground floor in a theater.
The action is seen as it would be from a good seat in the theatre stalls .
an instance of an engine, vehicle, aircraft, or boat stalling.
speed must be maintained to avoid a stall and loss of control
(of a motor vehicle or its engine) stop running, typically because of an overload on the engine.
her car stalled at the crossroads
stop or cause to stop making progress.
his career had stalled, hers taken off
put or keep (an animal) in a stall, especially in order to fatten it.
One more row was behind these stalls on both sides, allowing a maximum of eighty horses to be stalled in the large place.
I was afraid that the glider would stall when I was close to the ground and spin in.
An article in another paper wrote about the sale of fireworks from a stall in a flea market in Port of Spain.
Traffic orders ban parking on the setts on market days until 6.45 pm - but the regulations are widely ignored with drivers parking up as soon as a stall is cleared.
In flight, there was less than a ten knot difference between a speed so fast that it would rip the wings off the aircraft and a speed so slow that it would stall the engine.
The ambassador was saluted on her way, and she even stopped to buy some fruits from a market stall .
Investigators had to rely on other things to figure out what caused the airplane to experience an aerodynamic stall at a critically low altitude.
The Texan was seen to hesitate momentarily, then slide back on its tail and wing over in recovery from a hammerhead stall .
Dawn's parents Doreen and Raymond Stewart have run a jewellery stall on the Monday market for 16 years and their only daughter followed them into the business.
speed must be maintained to avoid a stall and loss of control
Once clinically stable, each animal was returned to its stall .