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stalker / сталкер
hunter, pursuer
  • night stalker - ночной сталкер
имя существительное
a person who stealthily hunts or pursues an animal or another person.
You know, a woman falls in love with a married man and suddenly she's an obsessed stalker .
Every Saturday afternoon come three o'clock he can be found glued to his video camera like some obsessive stalker .
There was no way I was letting some obsessive stalker stay within one hundred feet of me.
Caution must also be exercised in case the victim comes to the attention of another stalker .
Daniel, like so many abusive men, is using the laws surrounding the rights of fathers to get access to their children as a stalkers ' charter to harass, hound and victimise.
Resentful stalkers harass their victims with the specific intention of causing fear and apprehension out of a desire for retribution for some actual or supposed injury or humiliation.
Hollywood, his look into the world of celebrity stalkers and those hired to protect the glitterati, is spellbinding.
I don't think that the mall management had stalkers in mind when they installed the benches, just tired shoppers or husbands who'd been dragged out by their wives.
Despite my on-going, elaborate and careful efforts to avoid it, I had become in my former supervisor's mind one of the stalkers whose particular project, born of obsession with him, was the impeding of his work.
If the boys leading them had noticed the stalkers , they weren't paying any attention to them.