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stalk / стебель, черенок, стебелек
имя существительное
stem, stalk, shaft, scape, culm, footstalk
stalk, cutting, stem, shank, shaft, graft
stalk, pedicel, pedicle, stemlet
march, parade, stalk, sail, stalk along
creep, creep up, stalk, creep in, creep into
steal, sneak, slink, creep, prowl, stalk
имя существительное
the main stem of a herbaceous plant.
he chewed a stalk of grass
a stealthy pursuit of someone or something.
We parked the truck and started a stalk of the goats up shale and alpine forbs slopes.
a stiff, striding gait.
Mona let out this little noise of irritation and followed, her walk more of a stalk than a stride.
pursue or approach stealthily.
a cat stalking a bird
stride somewhere in a proud, stiff, or angry manner.
without another word she turned and stalked out
They stalk the darkness between the trees, hunting for the living.
They envision hunters coming here to stalk elk, loggers to fell selected trees.
You cannot assume airs and graces when you are stuck behind a stripped pine desk, with a wee stalk of a microphone in front of you and the media hanging over the banisters waiting to detect the first signs of pomposity and expose it to ridicule.
The tip of the optic stalk is a considerable distance from the surface ectoderm.
We parked the truck and started a stalk of the goats up shale and alpine forbs slopes.
To avoid being knocked off and carried out to open water, the anemone secrets a very strong adhesive substance at the foot of its stalk that allows it to stay put in the most turbulent situations.
To prepare parsley for chopping, pull leaves from the main stalk .
These buds are themselves developing beside the leaf stalk on the shoots as they grow in spring.
Feeding also may continue after emergence as wireworms tunnel into the lower stalk of corn plants.
We have just passed through the witching hour that is Hallowe'en, relic of a medieval past when ghosts and spirits were thought to stalk the land on All Hallow's Eve.