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stalemate / тупик, безвыходное положение, мертвая точка
имя существительное
deadlock, impasse, dead end, stalemate, blind alley, puffin
безвыходное положение
stalemate, deadlock, blind alley, stymie, dead end, labyrinth
мертвая точка
dead center, dead point, deadlock, stalemate, logjam, blind-spot
делать мат
checkmate, stalemate, mate
ставить в безвыходное положение
имя существительное
a position counting as a draw, in which a player is not in check but cannot move except into check.
The often-criticized rule that stalemate is a draw also increases Chess's drama, by giving a player hope of salvaging something even after he can no longer win.
bring to or cause to reach stalemate.
the currently stalemated peace talks
Workers and management at a Great Harwood engineering depot have reached stalemate over pay claims.
The general election produced a stalemate , with opposition and pro-government parties each ending up with 25 seats in the 50-seat parliament.
Contract talks between Saints and their Great Britain full back star Paul Wellens reached stalemate at a meeting held at Knowsley Road.
the war had again reached stalemate
last time I played him it ended up in stalemate
By the spring of 1915, the war had entered the stalemate of trench warfare.
Now officials have warned that if negotiations reach stalemate today they will resort to legal action.
The Council for Industrial and Commercial Development yesterday held a forum to urge the government to move away from the current stalemate .
the war had again reached stalemate
A mediator can break this stalemate and get the parties talking.