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stale / черствый, несвежий, залежалый
имя прилагательное
stale, callous, unsympathetic, hard, obdurate, indurate
stale, not fresh, off
stale, unsold
stale, outwear
stale, grow stale
stale, lie around, lie too long, lie a long time
имя существительное
urine, piss, pee, water, stale, wee-wee
имя прилагательное
(of food) no longer fresh and pleasant to eat; hard, musty, or dry.
stale bread
make or become stale.
The beans are then roasted and they are packaged in vac-packs to stop the air staling the product.
(of an animal, especially a horse) urinate.
But nervousness will likewise do it; fright, or anxiety of almost any kind, will make a horse stale inordinately.
Sometimes the dough is stale and impossible to roll out.
‘Very well,’ she said taking the bread back and slowly sinking her teeth into the stale crust.
‘I'd like to be able to pull back from the business before I get stale and grumpy,’ she said.
As baguettes stale quickly, several batches are made daily.
Youthful energy can make stale old artistic endeavours exciting.
You can enjoy this formula for a while - it does not really matter which bands you first became interested in, any will do - but it becomes stale .
Seriously, TV news may have been stale in the old days, but it was also respected.
They're efficient bursts of less-is-more rock that ride riffs hard then cut out right before they stale .
Even though I'm hearing it for the first time, it seems like stale news.
Agreeing with the five years in office rule, he admits to feeling a trifle stale in the last few terms.