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stakeholder / посредник
имя существительное
intermediary, mediator, agent, broker, middleman, stakeholder
имя существительное
(in gambling) an independent party with whom each of those who make a wager deposits the money or counters wagered.
The statute permits a gambling ‘loser’ or other permitted plaintiff to recover from ‘a winner, depositary or stakeholder ’ money lost by a ‘wager, bet or stake.’
a person with an interest or concern in something, especially a business.
The body should also have regional networks in order to accommodate greater interests among stakeholders .
The multi-dimensional inputs enter the labour relations system by means of stakeholder actors.
About 80% of company stakeholder schemes have no members, and 87% of those that are active are funded only by the employees, with no company contribution.
Back then, wagers were placed on top of wooden stakes while the ‘ stakeholder ’ supervised the betting.
The challenges to be addressed are, inter alia, stakeholder complexity, measurement challenges and a lack of control over a nation's image.
a stakeholder economy
Once they are signed up, stakeholder customers are also likely to find more self-service options, allowing them to do things such as check their fund's value online.
Perhaps the most successful stakeholder trust has been the Alaska Permanent Fund, a state-run investment savings account that pays equal annual dividends to every Alaskan citizen.
A version of a project proposed in the stakeholder workshops - a safety rating system for logging trucks - has since been implemented.
The association has embarked on stakeholder discussions around the country to try and find resolute regulation to the timber industry.
Maybe that's okay, but it sure isn't the same as a day to day tax payer paid administration organizing stakeholder input on administrative issues.