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stake / доля, ставка, кол
имя существительное
share, proportion, fraction, percentage, portion, stake
rate, bet, General Headquarters, stake, wager, ante
stake, pole, pale, pile, picket, spile
делать ставку
stake, parlay, field
risk, take risks, venture, gamble, jeopardize, stake
сажать на кол
stake, impale, empale
имя существительное
a strong wooden or metal post with a point at one end, driven into the ground to support a tree, form part of a fence, act as a boundary mark, etc..
A row of more than 15 bricks, pieces of concrete, metal poles, wooden stakes and a traffic cone were balanced on the track in a blatant act of sabotage.
a wooden post to which a person was tied before being burned alive as a punishment.
Opinions and beliefs which are popular need no protection - it's the hard and unpopular ones that people get stoned and burned at the stake for.
a territorial division of the Mormon Church under the jurisdiction of a president.
Congregations are organized into stakes and districts, which belong to a temple district.
a sum of money or something else of value gambled on the outcome of a risky game or venture.
playing dice for high stakes
support (a tree or plant) with a stake or stakes.
Trees are frequently staked for support after planting and there is much debate as to whether these should be long stakes, short stakes or even slanting stakes.
mark an area with stakes so as to claim ownership of it.
the boundary between the two ranches was properly staked out
gamble (money or something else of value) on the outcome of a game or race.
one gambler staked everything he'd got and lost
give financial or other support to.
he staked him to an education at the École des Beaux-Arts
And stake young trees, especially bare-root trees and evergreens, to fortify them against strong winds.
He now has a 22.2 per cent stake in the business.
Independent advisors often offer an impressive level of personal service because they have a stake in the business.
Whatever the final outcome of the case, the delay in the ruling will provide time for deals to be struck by financial interests that have a stake in the dispute.
Bendini & Shaw's owner, Harry O'Kelly, took a 25 per cent stake in the enlarged business.
Finally, stake the tree for at least a year, allowing new anchoring roots to develop.
Recent studies at the University of California at Davis have shown that most people stake their young trees needlessly and for too long.
It's always a good idea to stake trees when you plant them.
The joint ventures in a number of Scottish cities will operate under the Quality Street brand, but local partners will have a stake in the business.
I make a planting hole for each seedling with my finger, then use a small pointed plant marker stake or wooden Popsicle stick to lift seedlings.