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stairwell / лестничная клетка
имя существительное
лестничная клетка
staircase, stairwell, stairway, well
имя существительное
a shaft in a building in which a staircase is built.
Make sure all your window wells and stairwells have raised lips around their edges to prevent water in the yard from flowing into the well during a downpour.
Less than a minute later he had gone past the courts, down a stairwell and opened the fire door.
the stairwell echoed with the sounds of pounding feet
He hurried down the hallway towards the stairwell that led to the basement and his apartment.
On the first floor three two bedroom units will be built around a central stairwell and lift shaft.
There is a smaller loft bedroom, accessed through a second stairwell , at this end of the house.
The red sandstone block I am heading for is equally labyrinthine: a network of stunted corridors and dark stairwells .
Their bare feet are silent as they make their way down the stone stairwells and through the corridors.
During the 1970s, additional, ugly concrete stairwells were added to the sides of buildings, to allow individual access to the upper floors.
These remarkable shafts are still in place, and serve as the stairwells and lift shafts of Wapping and Rotherhithe Tube stations.
Fire exit doors to stairwells , for example, should unlock when a fire alarm is tripped.