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staircase / лестница, лестничная клетка
имя существительное
stairs, staircase, ladder, stairway, footway
лестничная клетка
staircase, stairwell, stairway, well
имя существительное
a set of stairs and its surrounding walls or structure.
Dual wooden staircases curved up towards the second floor that was less crowded.
At the bottom of the staircase , he stepped into a corridor lined with five doors on either side.
She followed Mrs Noble up a wide staircase and then a narrower set of stairs.
The ladder had been replaced with a staircase made from the same wood from the floor.
Her feet hardly touched the stairs as she gingerly crept up the staircase coming to a pause on the landing.
She looks everywhere and finally spots him sitting on the step of a staircase .
she was on the staircase
Walking up the old staircase he managed to step over the creaking floorboard at the top without spilling any paper.
he descended the broad staircase
The two retraced their steps back up the staircase and up into the fresh sea air of the ship.
a mirrored staircase