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stainless / нержавеющий, безупречный, незапятнанный
имя прилагательное
stainless, rustproof, rustless, incorrodible, rust-resistant
irreproachable, flawless, perfect, impeccable, blameless, stainless
unsullied, spotless, clean, unblemished, immaculate, stainless
honest, fair, honorable, upright, sincere, stainless
устойчивый против коррозии
имя прилагательное
unmarked by or resistant to stains or discoloration.
Nearly half of these alloys, in turn, are used to make stainless and heat - resistant steels.
Horizontal wind movements are resisted at each floor level by holding the cables with stainless brackets.
The original intake and exhaust layout has been reversed and equipped with a long-branched 4-1 stainless exhaust manifold to improve flow and increase power and torque.
Shortly before deciding to form their own company, Norris developed a method of forging stainless Damascus, thus explaining the choice of ‘Stamascus’ as the name for their new company.
Santorum said the program also would be expanded to include imports not currently covered, including certain wire products, heavy structurals, oil country tubular goods and stainless sheet and strip.
The houses are finished to a high specification with many features, including double-glazed white uPVC windows and solid wood shaker-style kitchen units with stainless cooker hoods as standard.
Customers want to have the body last longer, so we are putting stainless hardware on there.
Surface mounted sinks are generally installed with caulking and clamps, self-rimming porcelain sinks need only caulk but self-rimming stainless sinks add clamps as well.
Forged from several types of steel including stainless , Damascus steel has been used to make superior knife blades for thousands of years.
A self-rimming stainless sink or a surface mounted sink may be attached with clips underneath the counter top.
They who hear it, are pure; they who utter it are stainless ; and the True Guru will occupy their hearts.