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stagy / неестественный, театральный, сценический
имя прилагательное
unnatural, stilted, hammy, stagey, affected, stagy
theatrical, stage, dramatic, onstage, histrionic, stagy
stage, scenic, theatrical, onstage, histrionic, stagy
имя прилагательное
excessively theatrical; exaggerated.
a stagy melodramatic voice
Floyd, who writes his own texts, may not have handled the subject with any great subtlety, and the opera's broad theatrics can sometimes seem stagy , but its dramatic honesty registers powerfully every time.
Webster begins on such a stagy note that he loses the chance to move the audience, making it one of the less-compelling chunks of this mostly amusing evening of seldom-performed Chekhov.
The prize was to be awarded by Betjeman, to the accompaniment of some pretty stagy effects, at Burton Constable.
These songs prove him capable of focusing more on visceral appeal and less on stagy esotericism while maintaining his intellectual ambition, and one hopes this album is a steppingstone toward cementing this vision.
What could have easily been a stagy endeavour is kept fresh by capable direction and clever coverage by director Andrew Shea.
William Hurt is a willing, low-key accomplice, a good foil for Kosminsky's gracious manner and slightly stagy cheerfulness.
The final fifteen minutes in particular, which theoretically contain the showdown between Stray Cat and Hundred Eyes, is a banal barrage of stagy and pretentious imagery.
For all their charms, Mamet's early films had a stagy , mannered quality that kept the viewer at arm's length.
Most of Chaplin's features have a staginess that seems at least half-deliberate.
The figures are so wooden and their reaction so stagily co-ordinated that it is almost impossible not to snigger at their predicament.