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stagecoach / дилижанс, почтовая карета
имя существительное
stagecoach, diligence, stage, post-chaise, post-coach
почтовая карета
coach, stagecoach, mail-coach, chaise, post-coach, post-chaise
имя существительное
a large, closed horse-drawn vehicle formerly used to carry passengers and often mail along a regular route between two places.
Though the Pony Express lost money, it blazed routes later traveled by stagecoaches carrying passengers, freight, and bullion - Wells Fargo's bread and butter.
After spending the previous afternoon listening to Pa and the other men discussing boring contract details, there was a long delay in the stagecoach leaving this morning.
Indeed, during the 1830s and 1840s, the terms stagecoach and mail coach were interchangeable.
The iron rimmed wheels of the stagecoach threw a plume of fine dust high up in the air, and the boxy, badly sprung vehicle jounced and bounced on the rutted, hard packed earth that made up the last mile of the road.
He listened to Hop Sing telling him about the events between Judd and Davy, about the stagecoach coming into town and Hoss returning home with the news that plague had broken out on the Ponderosa.
As an alternative to the jolting stagecoach , the nine-hour boat journey from Edinburgh to Glasgow attracted up to 120,000 passengers a year.
It was the 19 th-century hangout of the city's tobacco lords and business classes, and the twice-weekly stagecoach to Edinburgh left from here.
Straight after breakfast we checked out of the inn, and soon enough I found myself boarding a stagecoach heading west along the coast.
The best seat inside a stagecoach is the one next to the driver… you will get less than half the bumps and jars than on any other seat.
The main bridge out of town to the north, it carried stagecoaches between Carlisle and Kendal, and even Bonnie Prince Charlie's army in 1745, says Mr Marsh.
The town's history is tied closely to the routes traveled by stagecoaches and the extension of railroads.