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stage / этап, стадия, ступень
имя существительное
stage, phase, milestone, leg, lap
stage, phase, stadium, remove
stage, step, level, degree, stair, scale
имя прилагательное
stage, scenic, theatrical, onstage, histrionic, stagy
stage, stair-step
theatrical, stage, dramatic, onstage, histrionic, scenic
put, set, place, raise, stage, put on
stage, dramatize, theatricalize
stage, sponsor, make arrangements, fix up
имя существительное
a point, period, or step in a process or development.
there is no need at this stage to give explicit details
a raised floor or platform, typically in a theater, on which actors, entertainers, or speakers perform.
there are only two characters on stage
a floor or level of a building or structure.
the upper stage was added in the 17th century
(in chronostratigraphy) a range of strata corresponding to an age in time, forming a subdivision of a series.
In the Canaries, the lavas are much more compositionally varied in each of these stages , ranging from tholeiitic basalts to phonolites and trachytes.
present a performance of (a play or other show).
the show is being staged at the Goodspeed Opera House
diagnose or classify (a disease or patient) as having reached a particular stage in the expected progression of the disease.
It is used in the initial diagnosis, in staging the patient, and in some therapies.
Perhaps it is simply because the pulpit and the stage have so much in common.
the company is now on the global stage
They also question the idea that the state is the main actor on the world political stage , although they do not deny that it is important.
Steeply banked, it rises up about five or six floors, with the stage and bottom floor sunk under the ground.
Just me on stage performing tricks and illusions and talking about them, their history and a little bit about how they work.
Each year of the music week the best of talent come on stage to perform, and some greats of Irish music always show up.
Besides this there were passengers coming in on the stage and mail from Silver Reef and Pioche.
William Hague really did pave the way for his return to the political stage at his packed out event on his book William Pitt the Younger.
The superstar of the stage is back again with his latest collection of digs at society.
When he is not performing on stage , Paul is busy working with the students of Carlow Stage School.