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stag / холостяцкая вечеринка, вол, кавалер без дамы
имя существительное
холостяцкая вечеринка
stag, stag-party
ox, bullock, neat, stag, nowt
кавалер без дамы
биржевой спекулянт
wildcatter, stag, stockjobber
hart, stag, buck
имя прилагательное
stag, baccalaurean
без женщин
имя существительное
a male deer.
The hunger of each will be satisfied by the fifth part of a stag , so they agree to co-operate in a project to trap one.
a person who applies for shares in a new issue with a view to selling at once for a profit.
without a partner at a social gathering.
a lot of boys went stag
Nina and Beth were going stag , and they were going to meet up with Topher, Jill, and their dates at this little Italian dive called Pomodoro.
Coniston have a problem with their semi-final tie, however, for they have applied for a free date on March 12 when the ties are due to be played, as a lot of the first team will be on a stag weekend.
The last target I had set myself was to attend my brother's wedding so, when I received the itinerary of his stag weekend, I knew I didn't have far to go.
The Grumbleweeds maintain the enviable skill of being able to entertain an audience ranging from family to stag to corporate with apparent ease.
Sebastian knew I had been unable to attend his stag weekend.
She hadn't had enough courage to ask anyone else and had decided the previous day that she would go stag .
She refused to go stag to a Valentines day party so after Ashton left she would have the house to herself, hell!
I started with a Eurostar shuttle and since then I have done weddings, private hire, conferences and a stag weekend.
Spinning around, the hunter catches a glimpse of a heavy-bodied stag making good his escape over the ridge.
Monarch of the Glen is nothing less than a heroic portrait, in which the stag transcends the animal world to embody virtues of a higher order.