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staff / персонал, штаб, посох
имя существительное
staff, personnel, panel
headquarters, staff
staff, stick, crook, pikestaff, verge, hock
имя прилагательное
staff, salaried
используемый персоналом
укомплектовывать штаты
набирать кадры
имя существительное
all the people employed by a particular organization.
a staff of 600
a long stick used as a support when walking or climbing or as a weapon.
It was a wide arena, with a lodge at one end; I suppose to store the weapons: staffs , swords, bows, etc.
a set of five parallel lines and the spaces between them, on which notes are written to indicate their pitch.
a mixture of plaster of Paris, cement, or a similar material, used for temporary building work.
Staff may easily be bent, sawed, bored, or nailed.
provide (an organization, business, etc.) with staff.
legal advice centers are staffed by volunteer lawyers
the Polish General and his staff
hospital staff were not to blame
Two of the measures were based on interpretations of statements made by the staff and officers of the base.
He was the first staff air medical officer to be appointed by the Royal Navy.
Many officers, staff and recruits have been injured in the accidents, he said.
to staff the centre with trained nurses
Shanahan isn't much of a motivator, and nobody else on the staff really has taken on that role.
We will ask the teachers and other staff members to receive the visiting guests and let the students go back to class.
On such schemes, the staff designated two officers and one radio operator to work as a team.
That can lead to studying for a National Vocational Qualification, with support from the college and staff from school.