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stacked / складывать в стог, нагромождать, громоздить
складывать в стог
stack, rick
pile up, heap, heap up, stack, crowd, bulk
pile, stack
имя прилагательное
(of a number of things) put or arranged in a stack or stacks.
the stacked chairs
(of a deck of cards) shuffled or arranged dishonestly so as to gain an unfair advantage.
Boxing is full of stacked decks and unfair decisions but through it all, sometimes we just get a great fight.
(of a woman) having large breasts.
She is stacked and feisty, but not actually that smart a player.
(of a task) placed in a queue for subsequent processing.
This invention relates in general to printing systems, and more particularly to a system and method for managing print object headers associated with active print objects via a controllable stacked object queue arrangement.
arrange (a number of things) in a pile, typically a neat one.
the books had been stacked up in three piles
shuffle or arrange (a deck of cards) dishonestly so as to gain an unfair advantage.
I believed that Meg and Sarah were in real danger at the beginning; by the second half of the movie, I felt that the cards were stacked so unfavorably against the robbers so as to negate the danger.
(in snowboarding) fall over.
The group I ride with all got a shock last year when our friend stacked it, came down on his head and spent the next 6 months in hospital.
Boxing is full of stacked decks and unfair decisions but through it all, sometimes we just get a great fight.
Inventive but easy, these stacked layers of tulips will grab attention in any room.
It comes with vertically stacked dual headlamps and a narrower passenger seat than other BMWcruisers.
I never expected this respected professor of economics to deal from a stacked deck.
Fira is on a rugged, rocky island and the town marches up the steep coastline in stacked terraces and zigzag avenues.
Jay could feel himself trembling as he climbed his way up the stacked boxes in the corner of the room.
The Prinsendam was constructed in the formative years of atrium development, and features a unique stacked atrium design.
The green contours are also lay-of-the-land and the bunkers are hand-dug, some edged by tall layers of stacked sod, others by shaggy tufts of native grass.
The northern part of the Iberian Variscan belt forms the central zone of the Ibero-Armorican arc, an arched belt of several stacked thrust units.
He is a natural bon-viveur and legendary dinner party host, although rumours he keeps a fully stacked champagne-only fridge are, sadly, untrue.