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staccato / стаккато
имя прилагательное
with each sound or note sharply detached or separated from the others.
a staccato rhythm
имя существительное
a piece or passage marked to be performed staccato.
We play opposite articulations: legato in staccato passages, staccato in legato sections.
Townshend led a master's class in aggressive guitar, windmilling power chords, strumming with blitzkrieg ferocity and firing out staccato solos in intensive bursts.
Faily looked around at his gang, and his voice changed from the flat monotone of his recitation of imprinted details to the sharp staccato of his orders.
She'd sit at the terminal, frowning, cigarette burning in the tray, tapping a rapid staccato .
‘Distant Drums’ is marked by a staccato , open-fifth ostinato pattern in the left hand, over which the chromatic-based melody reigns in the right hand.
During the encounter the complete life sequence of the characters she sees on the road is shown in a staccato of fast-paced edited shots and then the film resumes to Lola's run.
The grotesque flesh-marionettes of the studio audience erupted with a shrill and uneven staccato of laughter.
Soon, the faint pitter-patter crescendoed into the staccato of heavy drops falling on Heinrich's poncho.
The staccato of gunfire had died and silence filled the hallway.
The bolts of lightning threw lurid blue patterns across the walls and the rain beat a driving staccato on the roof.
I sigh, crack one eye, and regard the interplay of shadows on the wall, listening to the incessant staccato of the downpour.