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stabling / конюшня
имя существительное
stable, barn, stabling, stud, stall
имя существительное
accommodations for horses.
Today the castle's bailey stands empty; originally it would have contained accommodation and stabling .
put or keep (a horse) in a stable.
With time running down, the commission said management must develop alternative plans for stabling horses, including opening talks with Delaware Park, if Laurel is unready for training.
Last year, all four New Jersey tracks subsidized winter stabling at Garden State.
Recently, Pam has been working in racing and the partners discovered the need for quality stabling out of season for both National Hunt and Flat Racing horses.
The sanctuary now faces the task of stabling and feeding all the ponies, horses and donkeys over the winter.
Mark Johnston, who withdrew all three of his intended runners at Leicester yesterday in protest at the lack of stabling at the course, will have no such complaints tomorrow at the Headquarters of racing.
There is extensive stabling with eighteen loose boxes, an indoor arena and extensive farm buildings.
The Jockey Club have banned overnight stabling at the track.
Horses were ‘as much as possible housed outside as it improves their health, and stabling of horses is only temporary.’
Franzone said he has spoken with Delaware Park owner William Rickman Jr. about the possibility of opening his now-closed barns up for winter stabling .
A bed for the night is only one shilling and stabling for yer horse is a mere four pence.
The predominant activity within the building now is the stabling of horses.