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stabilizer / стабилизатор, антикоагулятор, стабилизатор дисперсии
имя существительное
stabilizer, fin, balancer, stabilizator, reactor, vane
стабилизатор дисперсии
The right stabilizer , elevator, vertical fin and rudder, which were aligned with the path of the flames, were gone.
Check them the same way you did the ailerons: Push up on the elevator spar and see if there's any vertical movement relative to the stabilizer .
In the years between the two world wars, Sperry and his engineers developed the automatic pilot, the first airplane stabilizer , gyrostabilized bomb sights, and automatic-fire control systems.
The horizontal tail was a single-unit stabilator rather than a conventional stabilizer plus a movable elevator.
He smashed the tractor's "hooch" into the trailing edge of the horizontal stabilizer .
Since it is generally recognized as safe for ingestion, it is used extensively in food products as a stabilizer , thickener, binding agent, emulsifier, adhesive agent, film former, and texturizer.
Hold the design under running water for several minutes to flush out the remaining stabilizer .
Solid, dense designs may curl, cup or distort knits, even with the perfect stabilizer choice.
McCarthy had managed to get out, though he broke his leg presumably by hitting the rear stabilizer on the way out.
On her recommendation, I started taking a new anti-psychotic called Zyprexa, a mood stabilizer .