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stabilize / стабилизировать, стабилизироваться, делать устойчивым
stabilize, steady
stabilize, harden
делать устойчивым
steady, stabilize
make or become unlikely to give way or overturn.
the craft was stabilized by throwing out the remaining ballast
To further help stabilize rice prices, he said, the government would ban shipments of imported rice at harvest time.
Thus they remain continuously in contact with two surfaces, rather than just one, which seems to stabilize the catalyst.
She and James struggled to their feet and gripped the rail in order to stabilize themselves.
an emergency program designed to stabilize the economy
In summary, the programme of reforms aimed to stabilize the economy has progressed much slower than anticipated.
Iris patterns stabilize around the first year of age and don't change again.
The first obvious effort is to try to stabilize the situation in terms of the security situation on the street.
The decision will also have a positive psychological effect on local consumers since it will help stabilize goods prices.
Rescue workers were still searching for victims while the Fire Department sought to stabilize buildings damaged by the broken crane.
Some infants may need to be admitted to the hospital for medical care in order to stabilize acute condition.