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stability / стабильность, устойчивость, прочность
имя существительное
stability, steadiness, fixity, mental ballast
strength, durability, toughness, stability, hardness, solidity
имя существительное
the state of being stable.
there are fears for the political stability of the area
This need for stability and groundedness is the product of two very different upbringings.
My Government will maintain its key commitment to economic stability and growth.
The resources found in new areas will be critical to ensuring global energy stability .
The geometry on this racquet aids the beginner by increasing stability and power.
It is a mammoth task, but this is a great opportunity for us to set a budget which will give stability to the borough.
They need and deserve stability if they are to make the most of their educational opportunities.
Sustainable economic growth in the region is also crucial to regional stability .
Preserving their own economic stability in the medium term is the best any countries can now hope for.
He has junked safety and economic stability for the average citizen and pursued his own aims.
Increased political stability during the period led to the expansion of towns and trade.