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squish / хлюпать, издавать хлюпающий звук
squish, squelch, slosh, slop
издавать хлюпающий звук
имя существительное
хлюпающий звук
make a soft squelching sound when walked on or in.
the mud squished under my shoes
имя существительное
a soft squelching sound.
She finally reached the table, plopping down with a wet squish of clothing.
That is, if it would even snap, and not just squish like an overripe banana.
He opened the door and walked out, feeling his shoes squish into the water.
Samuel winces slightly, as we hear a squish , then turns away.
You pick your way across lichen-covered rocks and squish through a little stream crossing the path.
She let it fall to the floor with a squish , and pressed on into the bleak shadows.
She kicked off her shoes and let the mud squish between her toes.
Tsuki fell to the ground in a large squish making Toki laugh.
The dagger sliced through the air where Dinael had been standing a moment before, burying itself with a soft squish into Severin's upper arm.
Then he heard the squish of water under his shoes.
He hugged it around himself and heard the squish of water in his fur.