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squirt / шприц, струя, наглец
имя существительное
syringe, injector, squirt, gun, hypodermic
jet, flow, stream, current, squirt, spout
squirt, insolent fellow, butch
splatter, splash, spatter, squirt, bedabble, bespatter
squirt, syringe
бить струей
jet, spurt, spurt out, squirt, spurt down, spout
имя существительное
a thin stream or small quantity of liquid ejected from something.
a quick squirt of perfume
a person perceived to be insignificant, impudent, or presumptuous.
what did he see in this patronizing little squirt?
cause (a liquid) to be ejected from a small opening in something in a thin, fast stream or jet.
she squirted soda into a glass
We used to squirt water-pistols and climb inside Daleks and start up weird little catchphrases and the music and the whole style of The Rezillos came out of that.
It was as if someone had poked a hole in a dam, and all the water that was built up behind the wall was suddenly able to squirt out through that tiny opening.
I can't allow Samuel to be called all the names under the sun and have a squirt of a boy insult me.
I envisioned a young squirt of an elf, say just a sprightly 100 or 200 years, slipping out to meet his miscreant pals, grab a leaf and ride a wind current.
The for-sale sign is up, the house has been dusted and each room has been infused with a squirt of air freshener.
radio equipment could squirt a million words from one continent to another
Instead of spraying with something toxic, try using a squirt of liquid hand wash soap in some water and spray them with this.
Your root beer isn't poured from a can; it's mixed individually with a squirt of syrup from the silvery array of dispensers behind the laminated counter.
If you order a White Chocolate Mocha, the procedure is simple: a squirt of white chocolate syrup, and then over to the machine where shots of espresso shoot down.
A milky, white liquid should squirt out if the corn is ready to be picked.