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squirrel / белка, белочка
имя существительное
squirrel, bun
имя прилагательное
provide, squirrel
warp, scurry, skirr, squirrel
имя существительное
an agile tree-dwelling rodent with a bushy tail, typically feeding on nuts and seeds.
Tree-dwelling squirrels have lovely bushy tails, and we realised that the little ones, from the look of them, were also from one such splendid family line.
hide money or something of value in a safe place.
the money was squirreled away in foreign bank accounts
move in an inquisitive and restless manner.
they were squirreling around in the woods in search of something
Reds and greys mix in other parts of the midlands and the border counties, but Carey said the native Irish squirrel is ‘extremely rare’, particularly in the east.
The new guidelines will provide better management for the northern flying squirrel in West Virginia and expedite its recovery.
There in the branches, also motionless, also fixed in attention, is a gray-brown squirrel with a tail so long and so absolutely pure pure white it's wonderful.
People will still need to eat, and in the past there has been a short-term increase in shopping as people squirrel stuff away in case times get bad.
Overhead, a fox squirrel chattered and nut tailings fell into my hair.
It is common knowledge that people save for homes, education, and other expensive items, not because they have some innate urge to squirrel some portion of their income away.
Burrowing owls prefer to remodel an existing burrow, often a ground squirrel 's.
Collars on keys style flies can be made of squirrel , marabou, cross cut bunny and hackle and combo bunny/hackle that is wrapped around the hook and then swept back.
This is the trade name for brushes made of squirrel , goat, pony, bear, sheep or a blend of the above.
My upstairs neighbor in my fourplex apartment has started feeding a squirrel peanuts.