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squire / сквайр, оруженосец, помещик
имя существительное
squire, esquire
squire, armour-bearer, esquire, henchman, armiger, armor-bearer
landlord, squire, laird, esquire
care, look after, court, tend, nurse, squire
имя существительное
a man of high social standing who owns and lives on an estate in a rural area, especially the chief landowner in such an area.
the squire of Radbourne Hall
a young nobleman acting as an attendant to a knight before becoming a knight himself.
The next day, if he had passed the test, Olivier would be knighted, along with many other squires attending knights gathered here in Kazkraby for the tournament that always followed a meeting of the Council.
(of a man) accompany or escort (a woman).
she was squired around Rome by a reporter
Deference to the squire and the parson was often a façade, masking constant challenges to authority by poaching and more explicit threats of rick-burning.
The trustworthy parson and the trustworthy squire are the twin pillars of rural life.
The old 16 th-century Welsh squire - and crook - Sir John Wynn loved his ancestry.
We haven't verified that it works, and if you want to mess around with your Windows Registry, as it suggests, that's your own affair and nothing to do with us, squire .
Her father Sir Reginald Sheffield 8th Baronet, squire of Normanby Park, Lincolnshire, was appointed a deputy lieutenant for what was then Humberside in 1985.
He has long yearned the quiet life of a country squire in a little Cornish style farm in Sussex where he could raise bees.
the squire of Radbourne Hall
sorry, squire, but I know my limitations
I told him how anxious you were about his reclusiveness, and to please you I think he would certainly squire you about town, but he would undoubtedly prefer to stay at home and nurse his wound.
A Grade II-listed former windmill, the Round House was built in 1790 by local squire Earl Bathurst, who later became lord chancellor, and was used as a windmill until the early 1830s.