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squid / кальмар, головоногое животное
имя существительное
squid, calamary
головоногое животное
имя существительное
an elongated, fast-swimming cephalopod mollusk with ten arms (technically, eight arms and two long tentacles), typically able to change color.
Giant cephalopods such as squid and octopuses are also a great source of sea-monster folklore.
fish using squid as bait.
имя существительное
a device used in particular in sensitive magnetometers, which consists of a superconducting ring containing one or more Josephson junctions. A change by one flux quantum in the ring's magnetic flux linkage produces a sharp change in its impedance.
The color-changing behavior is controlled by the squid 's brain and provides visual signals, but the purpose of those signals is still unknown.
His squid appetizer is marinated overnight in red wine and herbs, its vinousness a nice change from the lemon juice or vinaigrette more commonly served with squid .
My fancy was caught by smoked ham hock and beetroot terrine with confit beetroot and dill and lime cream, followed by loin of veal with a fricassée of squid , white beans, parsley and garlic.
Our mystery dish was a mélange of fried octopus, squid and various vegetables, and was fresh and tender all around.
The secret of cooking squid is simplicity, so in this dish it's just seasoned and coated with flour before being quickly fried.
The menu includes dishes such as squid with asparagus and mint, baby goat with fresh Mediterranean herbs and his famous dessert of eggplant and chocolate.
Season the monkfish and squid with salt and pepper and cook for two minutes in the same pan.
The major group of mesozoans, the Dicyemida, live as microscopic parasites in the renal organs of squid and octopuses.
The cuttlefish is a relative of the squid and octopus family (cephalopods).
Scientists believe the squid live at depths of 660 to 2,300 feet during the day.